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Welcome to the Rabbit Hole...


Rachel McCarren is the artist behind Rouge Rabbit. She has her MFA in creative writing, and a background in fine art and design. Rachel has studied creative writing, art, and literature abroad in Ireland and Italy.

At Rouge Rabbit, all ages, races, genders, skin colors, textures, identities, abilities, and  lifestyles are welcome.




Makeup On Wheels


Rouge Rabbit is a traveling makeup caravan, meaning: Rouge Rabbit will always bring the beauty to you, where ever you are, as long as her travel costs are covered a day prior to. If she must fly to you, further planning and additional accommodation must be provided.


Rates and Services


Session times and rates may vary depending on desired aesthetic, time limitations, and additional factors.

Sessions include luxury skincare consultation and application, full makeup application, optional false strip-lash application, and in-app purchase-order walk-through for clients who wish to purchase products.


Rates are impacted by the price and quality of the luxury products used, the high-demand for the products, and their limited availability globally.

Rouge Rabbit only uses the latest products from the world's leading luxury brands.

Rouge Rabbit uses disposable applicators and high-quality brushes to ensure an ultra-hygienic environment and prevent cross-contamination.

Rouge Rabbit will wear a mask during makeup application per your request.


Text [724]-504-9222   to discuss rates, booking times, and availability.

Where makeup and pop culture collide
to create looks of stunning vibrancy and individuality.

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